It’s Hard To Get Faster… When You Don’t Run


Remember when I proclaimed my big, bad, 1:50 half marathon PR dream?

This is how I’m feeling about it right now…


johnhamm yeah right






Yeah, my training is going well.

I could offer you a million excuses (and there are TONS) – but I’m calling bullshit on all of them. Yes, I am EXTREMELY busy at work, superbly busy at home, and it’s cold season (I am about to rip my sinuses out of my face), but I’ve trained in similar circumstances with great results. I think it just comes down to this… I’m burned out.

And I’ll say it, as hard as it is to say, I’m not really into running right now. Which is kind of a bummer because this is best time of year to be into running! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

Instead, I’m really enjoying short(er), intense workouts — especially kettlebells. I’m also enjoying sitting on the couch drinking wine. I heard that’s the new workout?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still running – but it’s maybe three times a week (max) or maybe just once a week (more likely) and it’s never fast like it should be to obtain these dream PRs.

I’m actually trying to figure out why these PR thoughts even came out of my brain in the first place?

And guess what? There’s a secret to ALLLLLLL of this…. If I want to run faster — you know what I NEED to do?? Well, for starters I actually need to run – but I also need to push myself to run FASTER. I know. The logic is so shocking.

Then there’s this…


Probably not happening any time soon.

So in summary these are the things currently going on in my life right now:

  • I’m a whining like a little bitch,
  • I’m tired
  • I’m slightly stressed
  • I’m always worrying
  • I’m possibly attempting my own medical procedure to rip my sinuses out of my face
  • I’m putting my PR dream is on hold right now

I’m still running Best Damn Race at the end of the month, but the pressure is off to be awesome. It’s totally ON to be mediocre. I feel like I need to get my ducks in a row, or my panties out of their bunch, or something productive like that.

Speaking of productive, I AM growing my bangs out, so that’s something…. right?

I’m Alive! 2014 Space Coast Marathon Recap and Other Ramblings

Hey there – remember me?? I’m still alive! Barely. Life has been insane — between endless events, the holidays, and being busy beyond belief at work, blogging has obviously taken a backseat. I thought about quitting this blog about 20 times, but then realized that I missed it and here I am.

Let’s get this out of the way… I survived the Bad Idea Marathon. Obviously. It wasn’t easy and I wanted to quit about 800 times, but I got it done — and I’m SO HAPPY IT’S OVER!



Worth it.

I also surpassed my goal (which was officially “Don’t quit/die.”) and I also beat my 1st marathon time, which I have to admit surprises me immensely. It really just goes to show that my conditioning/training for Chicago was so much more effective than it was for Savannah.


Looks like someone else is happy I’m done.

I finished in 4:20:07. The most impressive (to me) part is that I ran/walked the last 5 miles because my heel hurt SO badly. Kinda makes me wonder what I COULD have done if I wasn’t haven’t plantar fasciitis issues. Damn heel.


Looking entirely too happy – bonking at mile 21.


Pretty much the view the entire time. Not horrible.

I would do a full recap of this marathon, but to be honest, I have mentally blocked the misery out of my mind. I will say that I enjoyed the first half much more than the second half and that I will never do Space Coast as a marathon again (I haven’t ruled out the half though!). I’ve also decided that I DO want to run more marathons, but one a year is sufficient. Half marathons are more my thing.

Also, I am incredibly proud of both of my running buddies – Paula and Tyler.


Paula was in the same boat as me — she just did NOT want to be running this race and kicked ass anyway.


At one point we lost Tyler and took selfies.

As for Tyler — he was aiming for sub-4, which I KNEW he could do as long as he didn’t go out too fast. Not only did he sub-4, but he came in 3:54!!


Tyler just loooooves this picture. 

I’m going to guess that he trained with someone even faster (not me!), that he would be able to many, many minutes off of that time. I’m not ready for him to quit me yet though. I have some serious spring half marathon PR goals and I need him to push me! #selfish

Oh, and another person I’m INCREDIBLY proud of? Victoria. She’s speedy.


As for what’s next — well, my heel is STILL bothering me, despite taking a month off from running. It’s definitely better than it was, but I need to get back into higher mileage (or any mileage) very slowly.

I AM running ZOOMA Florida (you should join me — use my code to save!) in January – probably the 12K (insta-PR!), and I have Best Damn Race Orlando February 28th where I have a major A+ goal — a 1:50 half. In order to hit that goal though I need my heel to be better AND I need to do some serious speedwork training. Ugh, I’m already dreading it. 

I have zero intentions run a marathon in 2015, BUT it’s still early. I could be talked into it. Maybe.

I do need to find some more half marathons to run in the next few months. Taking this month off of running has been great for my mojo, I definitely MISS it.

So here’s to 2015 – a year of running and other fun challenges, little injury (*fingers crossed*), and lots of fun. And maybe a little blogging.

Also… From my family to yours… Happy Holidays!


A DNS, Piriformis Exercises, And Where I’ll Be

I was supposed to run a half marathon last Sunday, but after a week full of events (and the inability to pick up the race packet on race day)…

Last day of school! They are definitely ready for 3rd grade and Kindergarten. #wheresthepausebutton

It's official

Ready to rock this show.

I decided to skip it. Yeah, that’s my first real DNS (Did Not Start). I actually emailed to ask if I could switch my registration to “Virtual” but I never got a response. Oh well.

A part of me was a little bummed, but the other part (the part that got to sleep in) said, “eh – life happens”  I ended up going to a spin class instead — which was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I haven’t been to spin in probably 6 months, so it was nice to change things up. I feel like it kind of “reset” my muscles a little too — or maybe I just used a few muscles that are neglected when I run.

I'm obnoxious. #wooendorphins

Not neglected? Neon colors.

Actually, a few weeks ago my piriformis started acting up on my left side. It wasn’t like “OMG I AM INJURED!!” but more like “WHY DO I HAVE THIS HUGE KNOT FEELING IN MY ASS???” It mostly bothered me when I was sitting at work, which is pretty much the entire day, so yay.  Spinning this weekend really helped as well as this really bizarre exercise that I found while Googling — Neural Flossing. Dr. Google can be dangerous, but sometimes it does have the answers.

1 million views on this dude’s goofy video can’t be wrong!

So, yeah, I started neural flossing every day and that, combined with the cross training, my aches and pains are now minimal. The LAST thing I need is to be injured before marathon training even starts (which is in TWO WEEKS – did I happen to mention that recently?!!).

Oh, in celebration of marathon training starting up – I am taking the next two weekends off from long runs.

If you need me I’ll be at the beach Celebrating Father’s Day…


Partying hard and celebrating getting old(er).


This was from our (for real) 29th birthday. It was only 7 years ago, but DAMN we look young!

I’ll also be neural flossing on the couch, watching the 2nd season of OITNB.


And every episode (to date) of Downton Abbey.


 Lady Violet is a delight.

So, you know, important stuff.

Hashtag Random Rambling

It’s June – which means it the most expensive time of year (for me) and the busiest. Looking at my calendar for the next few weeks makes me both excited and exhausted. While we kept things super low key last year thanks to the addition of E, we have no choice but embrace the crazy this year!

First up is this little lady.


We have a whole double whammy thing going on with her this weekend – not only is she graduating from PreK (O.M.G. how is that possible?), but it’s also her dance recital. L is a little performer through and through and she is so freaking excited about taking the stage.

Oh, and if you follow me on Instagram you already know that her dress attire for her graduation is black and white business casual.

Umm.. What is considered business casual for a 5-year old?

Umm, what?

We got some clarification what that meant (I think L is a little too young to shop at Banana Republic/LOFT) and ended up buying her a super cute (and sparkly) black and white dress. I’m not sure WHY she needs to wear black and white business casual apparel, but there’s bound to be a reason. RIGHT?

It’s also the end of the school year for B this week, to which I just want to shout THANK GOD!


Maybe I’ll go into it in more detail someday on here, but this year has been particularly challenging. It’s never easy to receive feedback on your child’s limitations and that has been the theme of this school year. I continue to be perplexed by this whole parenting business and I can truly say that 2nd grade both amazed and humbled me. I am seriously amazed at what my kid has learned, but so frustrated with what I thought was just “boy behavior.” I’m almost terrified of what 3rd grade will bring. I’m glad I get a little break though. Bring on summer, no homework, and camp wearing the heck out of my kids.

Speaking of questionable parenting, I attended an advanced screening of Maleficient last week and I brought B along. I figured that at almost 8, he wouldn’t be scared – and I was right. Now, I definitely could not have brought L (she was terrified at parts of Frozen if that gives you perspective). That said, I really didn’t expect it to be SO VIOLENT. I personally didn’t LOVE the movie, though I did think Angelina Jolie was AMAZING and perfect for the role (they really missed the boat on so many of the other characters though). One thing I DID learn, is how to pronounce Maleficient. Man, that was not an easy word for me to learn.

In other non-running, but kind of running related news, I booked our flights to Chicago today (PS – Southwest is having a big sale right now)!! We’re actually staying an extra day because it saves us money (weird, right?). Next up is planning trips to the zoo/aquarium/museums and meet ups. I AM SO EXCITED!! I am going to remember this excitement every time I have to wake up at 5am for a training run.

In running related news – I JUST remembered I’m running a half marathon on Sunday. This should be interesting.

Oh – and speaking of races. I am HORRIBLE at the internet. Let me explain — a few weeks ago I tried to get Jimmy Fallon tickets (did you hear he’s going to be in Orlando in two weeks?). I spent ALL FREAKING DAY stalking the site (while multitasking, of course). I was updating people when they were going to have tickets and I let people know when the tickets were available. And I managed to get ZERO tickets (while my coworker got them without a problem). Then this last Sunday it was the registration for Best Damn Race Orlando (where you have the change to register for $1, $5, $15, etc). I was READY to go – I even went to the early church service (with a slight hangover, if we’re being honest) and put E down for a nap to ensure I would be able to get the best price possible. I clicked refreshed probably 100 (000) times —- and despite all of the effort — I was #55 and ended up paying $35 for the race (which is $20 better than last year but COME ON!!!). So lesson learned — don’t ask me to win any kind of internet contest for you.

And finally… this picture just cracks me up.


Are you in there mommy?

Could this post BE more random?

Marathon Complaining/Rambling

Oh man. I am so not prepared for marathon training this summer. Or well, summer in general.


Why do I live in Florida again?

I’ve been pretty consistent about doing 8-12 mile long runs for the past two months, and hitting between 20-25 miles a week, so it’s not about the miles. It’s about the damn humidity.

Could tonight have been more beautiful? #nope #orlando #nofilter #seenonmyrun

Awwww, so pretty. Looks are deceiving.

For example, I woke up relatively early on Sunday. I was out of my 10-miler around 7am, and about a mile into it the negative thoughts came pouring into my brain. Just one right after another – as the humidity sucked out all of my energy. Seriously, ALL OF IT. I really wanted to quit. I really wanted to run faster. I hated seeing my pace and knowing that I wasn’t going to be making it home anytime soon. Instead of listening to my inner voice, I just kept going.  And somehow, I finished.

I never sweat. This humidity made me sweat like a beast. You're welcome.

You can’t tell I’m sweating in this picture, but I think this is the most I’ve ever sweat in my life. 

But seriously. Why did I sign up to run not one, but TWO fall marathons?? WHHHHHYYYYYYY?

How am I going to survive 16, 18, and 20+ miles in weather like this? (and yes, I will wake up earlier to get it done, but the humidity? Regardless of the sun, it will still be there) I am, obviously, a glutton for punishment.

So in other words, “Let the marathon complaining begin!!”

I AM creeping closer to finalizing a training plan. I’m just a tiny bit worried that it’s not realistic.


Can you even read this?

I had to rearrange some of my long runs due to a few social events (where I will be drinking a lot of alcohol), so there are a few weeks in there that look crazy.

I’m also seriously considering making that Thursday “Crosstrain” a Yoga class. Not that I’ve ever been to yoga, nor do I know it there is an actual class close to me, but as I was stretching last night I realized that this is now me….


And even then, it’s painful. We’ll see if I actually follow through with this though. In theory it sounds like a good idea. I think I need someone to force me to go with them (anyone looking for a Thursday night yoga buddy?).

And finally, I leave you with this…


This moment last all of 10 seconds. So glad I captured it. <3 <3 <3

Do you sweat like a beast? Yoga – yes or no?