Starting Over Sucks And Other Random Stuff

1. I’m running again.

It’s been gradual, and despite the fact that 6 months ago I ran a marathon (at a relatively decent) pace, it’s been hard. I honestly feel like I’m starting over.


I ran a little over 3 miles last week and I thought I was going to collapse when I got home.

It’s weird though because even though it’s a huge strugglefest, and I want to punch someone the entire time I am running – it’s the most excited I’ve felt about running in LOOOOOONG time. I am really excited about the runs I have planned later this week. I even had HUGE urge to run last night after a day at Disney. WHAT?


I’m slow as balls, but I know that I can concentrate on speed once I build up that endurance again.

2. I’m an ambassador for Best Damn Race!  This means I get to represent a race I’ve  really enjoyed racing for the last two years – and I have a $5 coupon to share with you: CRAZYRUN.


I’m definitely running the Orlando Half – but there may be others. Join me!

3. Evan turned two. How? Did we just got through a time warp?



Boyfriend ate a LOT of cake/cupcakes on his big day.


He is definitely hitting his terrible twos and letting his presence be know (he’s like a shrieking animal at times), but he is still the sweetest, calmest, and most patient kid. And I refuse to cut his hair.

4. Not related to anything posted above… Is it weird that I find skinny Chris Pratt less attractive? I mean, he’s still attractive… obviously. But… why so skinny? And why so photoshopped GQ? Did he just get his eyebrows done or something?



BTW – Can somebody please read the article and tell me when it’s OK for a man to cry? I didn’t realize their were rules. #lame.

5. And finally… I am super obsessed with The Desired Effect right now. Dan is about to throw my computer/phone/iPod out the window because it is constantly playing.

In case you have no idea who Brandon Flowers is — he’s the lead singer of The Killers (PS – he’s also gotten way too skinny. What’s up with this trend?). I kind of miss his eyeliners days (when we were young…), but kind of love him graying (which apparently he is covering up — not that I would EVER do the same.)…


So back to the music… I really can’t remember the last time I’ve been able to listen to an entire album from start to finish without skipping through at least one song. Check out Can’t Deny My Love, Lonely Town, and I Can Change.

Bonus: They are all great running songs!

Which leads me to…. what’s on your playlist right now?

Random Thoughts And Fears On The Return To Running

Despite feeling the itch, I’ve been really good about listening to my body and not overdoing it these past few weeks. I’ve made an effort to get out of the house and go walking, I added in some ab work, and I’ve started doing push ups. However, I’ve noticed that if I combine all three of things my body yells at me and tells me to back off a little. It seems like some people can just jump back into working out right after having a baby, and despite being active until I was 40 weeks (my last workout was technically at 39 weeks 6 days), I am obviously NOT one of those people.

While I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about my return to running NEXT WEEK, I am also anxious, nervous, and a little bit terrified.

I have some serious doubt running through my head. Not that I WON’T be able to run again, I mean I know I can run. But my brain keeps thinking things like “What if you never regain your speed?” “What if you hate it?” “How much are your legs going to hurt?” “How far can you run without stopping” “Where did you put your Garmin?” “What if your uterus falls out?” You know, totally sane things.


I think my biggest RATIONALE fear is that I will try to much too soon and I need to figure out a good training plan that doesn’t kill me – specifically my ankles. Oh, my stupid, stupid ankles. I feel like pregnancy and not running has given my ankles a bit of a break and I don’t want to mess them up again. So I’m definitely going to be taping them up.

I’m also worried about breastfeeding and running. I’m not worried about maintaining my supply or anything, but I’m worried about thinks like energy levels, when and how to refuel, and leaking/pumping. Now, I don’t plan on going on any 2 hour runs anytime in the next month – so hopefully my supply will balance out before I attempt any higher mileage. At least I don’t need to worry about my boobs falling out of my bra though.


Speaking of mileage… I’m aiming to start with  three 3 mile runs for the first week and then increasing 10% a week from there. To those that have been in my shoes (whether recovering from injury or coming back from pregnancy) — does this doable? I think it’s probably a little conservative, but I could be totally off base.


As you can tell, I am over thinking this return to running JUST a little bit. But this is why I blog. Nobody actually WANTS me to say these things aloud. And also, I might be a little nuts from postpartum hormones still.


What was the point of this post again? Oh right. Running.


Basically, I just wanted to celebrate that I only have to wait a little bit longer to get my run on and I wanted to be neurotic about it at the same time. Next week will be approximately 20 weeks since I ran (more than 2 minutes). That is a loooong time for someone who lives for that endorphin kick and it’s time to party.





Plus, I have had a lot of time on my hands to research these Parks and Recreation GIFs. Have you started watching the show yet?

What’s the longest you’ve had to wait for something? Should we take bets that on if my run will be awesome or if it will suck? (FYI -I’m betting on it sucking)

PS – Remember how I was picked for Blogger on the Run earlier this year? Well, look for me in July’s Women’s Running Magazine. Yes, I am in a magazine! About running! That is definitely NOT something I even pictured as possible. It’s amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it and give it a try!

Wisdom I Feel Like Sharing

So, I’ve been feeling very giving (and cynical) these days, so here’s some stuff that’s been on my mind lately. I don’t know if it’s the hormones, the rainy weather, or the fact that I have doubled my toilet paper usage in the past month (Charmin ain’t cheap – y’all) that’s putting me into this mood – but I have some important wisdom that I just need to get off my chest. If you don’t think I’m talking about you – I’m probably talking about you (but don’t worry – I’m just as guilty of doing this stuff as well).

Do you NOT have a filter?

This is what I think about 80% of the time these days. Yes, I know I look like I’m about to birth a small baby cow, but is it necessary to tell me I can barely fit in the doorway? Or that I am HUUUUUUGE. Or that I’m “playing basketball.” <-?) Probably not. It’s one thing for ME to joke about it (and if I joke about it, I expect you to laugh), but it’s another for you to bring it up.


Of course, I say and think this but at my Dr. appointment on Tuesday I told my Dr. he looked ridiculously tired (in response he told me he had a GREAT night of sleep – thanks for rubbing it in there a-hole). Derp. Apparently, I can dish it, but I can’t take it.

Do you NOT know how to use Google?

I really want to do an intervention with some people. I have news for you… Facebook is NOT Google. You can just as easily type in a few search words into Google and get your answer without having to survey your friends. FYI – Twitter is not Google either.


Start a blog.

If you feel the need to update your Facebook status 100 times a day and post a bajillion blurry pictures of your kids – I highly recommend you start a blog.


Seriously. You can make it private and invite the friends who actually CARE that bought a new coat, or you need directions and you aren’t aware that Google Maps exists or that your kids won’t nap again (just like every day when you post that your kid isn’t napping).

Not all people in minivans are slow.

Ok, so I might have had this same reaction to minivans before I bought one. Actually, I admit it – I still have this reaction. I get behind a minivan and I’m like “Great – slow ass driver.” and then remember that I’m actually driving the same damn car.


But seriously people – don’t try to go around me or avoid me just because I’m in a mom mobile. I’ll smoke your ass (ok, maybe not – but I don’t go 10 miles under the speed limit like you expect me to).

You just had a baby, stop being so damn proactive.

I read like 9000 blogs a day and half of them are pregnant/just given birth. While I’m about all working out while pregnant (obviously), I am also all about sitting on my ass and recovering for 6 weeks after birth. Yes, I will go on the occasional walk. Yes, I will probably do some plank work and pushups before my 6 weeks check up, but you better believe I will not be running. My vagina and my uterus will be taking a well-deserved vacation.


I’ll be back tomorrow with less snark and animated gifs. Until then…Have any wisdom you want to share?

Random Things Thursday

Christmas on a cracker — I am so happy it’s Thursday!!!!

This week has been all over the place. I haven’t been crazy busy, but I’m just off kilter or something. I blame it on the holiday. Don’t “short” weeks always feel longer? It doesn’t help that I’ve been struggling with a allergies. Or maybe it’s a cold? I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s keeping me up at night and tonight I’ve hit my wall. After 3.5 hours of sleep last night (thanks to an extra special bout of insomnia) I am exhausted! Anyways, enough complaining.  Here’s  what else is going on…

1. In case you haven’t heard, there’s this little race going on here this weekend.


I’m excited to find out what a course monitor does (I’m guessing just directing runners and cheering them on). If you’re racing, look for me before you hit the Magic Kingdom in the Auto Plaza. I’ll be the one dressed like all of the other volunteers – except with that basketball I smuggled in. While I won’t be charging you to to park your car, I do accept tips.

Who’s racing and what are you wearing? I know I’ll be on the lookout for Andrea, Jeannie, Victoria, Jen, and Rachel. Anyone else?

2. I can’t stop eating these Greek Yogurt Pancakes. I might need an intervention y’all.



For the record, I have never seen my kids eat so fast. Nor have I ever felt so satisfied eating pancakes. Especially since they consist of 5 ingredients (plus coconut oil to cook in – but you could use butter/Pam too!). This recipe (changed slightly from the above link) makes 6 very thick pancakes:

  • 2 cups of greek yogurt (your choice! I go with vanilla)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 2 tsps of baking soda (combine with flour before adding)
  • 2 eggs, and blueberries (probably 1/2 cup?).
  • Sometimes I add a little water to thin out the batter. Just a tiny bit.

Mix together. Make pancakes on low heat. Eat them. Love them.

3. Despite telling myself I wasn’t going to buy a stroller… I bought a stroller. A Bumbleride Indie.


I was going to get a BOB, but then Andie suggested this one (since I have no intentions to jog with it) and man did it sound RIGHT up my alley. I knew they were $$$, but did I search anyway and found one for a great deal. I couldn’t pass up the offer (and I know it has great resell value). I figured I can even test it out with L before May (helllooo upcoming Little League games!) because she is not even close to weighing 45 lbs. I’ll do a full review in the near future :)

4. I love that he loves to read.


It’s been very hit or miss with B lately and I definitely have been feeling like a bit of a parent failure. Until I saw this today. I guess we’re doing something right. Even if it’s fleeting! I’m definitely savoring these moments.

5. I got my haircut on Tuesday!!! I love my stylist. It only took her an hour and a half total to highlight (3 colors!), cute, AND style my hair.







6. My tongue hurts.


Damn chicks, ducks, and bunnies.

So what’s going on in your world? What’s the last big deal that you scored? Favorite candy?

Scenes From A Plane

Benadryl was given — but the kids are not sleeping. They are sitting quietly, so I can’t complain.

From Orlando to Chicago – Dan sat to the right of me with the kids — while 2 kids sat behind me and kicked me seat the entire time. Totes awesome.

Overhead next to me:
Woman: “Are you still married?” Man: “Ahhhhhhhhhh…divorced” Woman: “That’s wonderful” Man: “2nd time for 5 years.” Woman: “Truly wonderful.” (they then went on to talk about sex and marriage — and for the record they are both probably in their 50s/60s). Also, she just threw her drink on him. Oh and now they are talking about The Avengers. Tempted to butt in… and I just did. Told them about Scarlett Johansson’s thigh move. Not really, but tempted.

Ordered a Tangueray and tonic — pretty sure it’s just Tangueray.

Only 5 people on the plane were flying from Orlando to San Francisco — the 4 of us and the woman sitting next to me. What are the odds?

We brought 5 DVDs with us on the trip – including The Muppets and Monster’s Inc. B’s favorite? Hello Kitty. I kid you not.

Have I mentioned that I love Joss Whedon? Because I DO. And also, I would see that Air Bud movie.

Ugh…turbulence. Time for another drink and maybe a nap…