Workout Wednesday: Lucky Spin Mix #13

It’s been a few months since I posted a new spin workout. I was actually inspired create spin mix #13 (woo! Lucky 13!) because of the class I went to this morning. I love the woman who teaches the class and she is an incredible — INCREDIBLE — athlete (I’m planning on working with her post-baby to get back into racing shape – she is the tri-coach and organizes a running group), BUT her playlist sucks, I wanted to die from boredom, and I just kept thinking about what music I would be playing instead.

Truthfully, I hate playlists where all of the music has the same beat and is the same style. Have you noticed?? Having a break in songs and song style is what makes spin class so motivating to me (because face it – riding on a spin bike/trainer is a bit like going nowhere on a treadmill!). Some people love the continuous, never-ending songs — but not me. I need variety! So here’s the lastest…

The playlist:


Whenever I create a playlist, I think, “Could this BE more random?” I think I always outdo myself!

*Thanks to my friend Kari who recommend the Icona Pop song to me — I love it!*

The workout:


Now go forth and get sweaty.

Do you have fitness instructors that you love and hate? What makes the difference for you? For me it’s a) music,  b) energy/tone, c) the actual workout. I want people to PUSH and challenge me. I don’t go to the gym to look cute. 

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Workout Wednesday: Spin and Run Cardio Combo

Hey – lookie here a new workout!

So, I should confess that I was supposed to get out of bed today and go to spin class. I was all set to go too. I had my clothes ready. My alarm was set 10 minutes earlier than normal (there are only 15 bikes and the gym has been INSANE this week), but when the alarm went off I just couldn’t get up. I rolled over and went back to sleep. In my defense, I’ve had a headache for the past 2 days (damn hormones!), but working out actually HELPS my headaches – so it’s not really a valid excuse. I SHOULD have gotten up!

Why am I telling you this? Well, because instead of going to spin this morning I will be doing THIS workout tomorrow morning.


I COULD just do my own spin workout by itself by a) I’ve really been enjoy my runs lately and b) I remembered how much I like switching between the bike and running. So why not?

Here are the details:


And my playlist:


This workout should take about 40-45 minutes total.

Even though getting out of bed this morning turned into a total fail — I have a feeling tomorrow’s workout is going to just fly by!

What’s your favorite cardio combo?

Workout Wednesday: Spin Mix #12

It’s a while since I posted a new workout and especially long time since I posted a new spin mix. To be honest, while spin has been my “go to” workout in past pregnancies, I’ve found it really hard this time around. Sure, I’ve taken a few classes here and there, and I’ll still do a few solo spin workouts, but it’s been challenging keeping my heart rate down.

I think part of this challenge was because I’m stubborn. I was having a hard time accepting that I needed to drop rpms and gears — and stop doing sprints. Previously, I just went off of what felt challenging to my body – this time I was focusing on metrics and numbers. So, I’ve recently discovered that numbers aren’t always a good thing. I’ve since switched my mindset. I’m still looking at those numbers, but I’m not worrying about what they say. And when I TRY to do something (like sprints) and it gets my heart rate sky high? I modify it. Duh.

So long story short – I’m back to spin! I actually went to my first class in weeks today and it hurt so good. In other news, I pigged out during my work Thanksgiving potluck today. Mmmm. I am certainly thankful for good food.

Here’s the latest spin mix playlist…

Spin Playlist 12

Quirky and explicit – as always (would you expect anything else?)

and the lastest Spin Workout….

Spin Mix 12

And here’s my 15 week belly shot. You can’t tell from this picture, but my belly button has already popped. It wasted no time.

15 weeks! Belly button has already popped.

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What brings out your stubbornness?

Workout Wednesday: Spin Mix #11

It’s been a while since I posted a spin workout, huh? Don’t worry, I am still obsessed with both going to spin class (today’s class was a KILLER!) and doing spin workouts on my own. In fact, it’s kinda been driving me nuts that I haven’t posted anything new. I just thought I would be nice and give you guys a break!

I can’t hold back any longer though — here’s a brand new list, with even more random music than ever before. Only I can mix Nicki Minaj with Ricky Martin and Mumford and Sons (<–can’t wait for their new album in TWO WEEKS!). I think it’s a gift. Or to some, it may be nauseating. Everyone is entitled to their opinion :)



Work Out:


Now, go forth and spin it out!

What would be on your most randomist playlist ever?

Workout Wednesday: Spin Mix #10

Wow – I’ve done 10 of these playlists/workouts?? Inconceivable!

Random trivia that I almost wish I didn’t know: Did you know that this line is in both Princess Bride and Toy Story — from the same actor? 

This week is another long ride, with a pretty random playlist. A few news songs, a few classics. A little something for everyone, perhaps?

The playlist:


The workout:

Spin Mix #10

FYI – This week’s cool down song is quite possibly my favorite song. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve listened to it — since the early 90s! The piano gets me – every time :)

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What song can you listen to over and over again?