Suck It Up, Buttercup 10K {Race Recap}

Oh hey there. Yes, it’s true… I’m still alive. Not only that, but I have my first official race recap of 2015 — because I love running again! I’ve actually been itching to post again about… something… anything… but I just haven’t had the time or energy or something. #excuses

So yeah… back to this race thing.

For the 8+ months I have been missing my racing buddy. She was injured. I hated running. Racing just sounded miserable. The races I did do were fun, but there were missing something. Really someone.



So, for her 29th birthday (it’s a big year!) I bought her the BEST GIFT EVER — a race registration. Not only that but a race register in the middle of the hottest summer we’ve had in YEARS. Oh, and did I mention there were actually hills? (I know, it’s amazing to hear that we actually have some here in Orlando that aren’t just overpasses) Sounds like a great comeback race if you ask me! I started this race weekend making very healthy choices. We went to a fantastic Imagine Dragons show on Friday night in Tampa.


Bedtime = 2am

I followed it up by going out for drinks and a showing of Magic Mike XXL with a bunch of my lady friends on Saturday night.

Bedtime = 12:30am Healthy choices guys. It’s a priority for me, obviously.

hodakathyleeanderson This means I slept maybe 8 hours in 2 days. I’m smart! So, it’s not surprising that I LITERALLY had to forced myself to get dressed and out the door to pick up Paula by 5am. Yay. Thankfully, race adrenaline kicked in (oh, and an iced coffee helped too!) and by the time we got to the race site, about 45 minutes away, I was wide awake.

We easily picked our bibs and t-shirts, dropped them off at the car, and then had plenty of time to use the porta potty (see Paula’s post for more on this) and mingle. I got there early so I could get into an East Orlando MRTT picture. I’ve only been running with them for a couple of months — but I already love them!

Paula and I also found our co-worker, Leah, who I might have talked into running this race.

We then stood around for a LOOOOONG time. The Race Director was MIA and apparently she needed to be there to kick this shindig off. We were supposed to start running at 6:30 – and it was closer to 7 when we started. But, I guess the good news is that it finally started and we were off.

And it was HOT. So, so hot and SOOOOO humid. It was like running in mud.

Suck it up, we did.

My only complaint (other than the late start) is that the 10k and the 5k started together and it was a cluster. The first mile was such a strugglefest – not just because of the hills (I secretly love hills — my legs can get some good traction!), but becuase of all of all of the bobbing and weaving. However, I kept pushing.

Around the 1st mile the 10K and the 5K split and things got a little easier. By easier, I mean there were less people. This course was still tough. I also managed to catch up with two of girls I run with during the week and chatted with them for a little bit (which I NEVER do during a race — who am I??) before an elastic on one of my braids snapped. EFFFFFFF! I suppose I could have continued on looking like a crazy person, but I was already really gross and sweaty and everything was sticking to me — so I pulled over and stopped (AGAIN — SOMETHING I NEVER DO). Thankfully, I was wearing a hat and I quickly pulled it up into the hat. I still probably lost about a minute. BUMMER.

Even though I lost my girls, I fought hard to keep them in my line of sight. I actually almost caught up to them, but we hit a loooooong incline between mile 4 and mile 5 and I slowed down a little. I was so happy to chase them though because I REALLY think I would have stopped to walk at least 8 times. They seriously kept me going.

After what felt like a million hills, I finally hit the decline towards the finish and all I could think about was how happy I was that this wasn’t a half marathon.


I finished in 1:02:26 and while that’s a far cry from my PR, I was happy. I am happy.


A happy person who looks like a toolbag with Paula’s sunglasses on.

I figured that I the humidity added at least a minute per mile to my pace (obvious statement: humidity is a BITCH) — and stopping to fix my damn didn’t help. I’m really just excited that I’m running and happily racing again. I also know that there are PRs to come. I was also excited to celebrate with some lovely running ladies.

That’s Paula’s favorite porta potty right behind us…

While we didn’t have beer (sad!) there was Dunkin Donut and munchkins (and unlike other races – they didn’t run out).

Overall, I really enjoyed this race. Summer races are hard to find here (for obvious reasons!) and I look forward to running this again next year — at an even faster pace.

My next race is still up in the air. I’m thinking about running the Stone Island 10K in August, because it can’t be any worse than the one I just ran! It will probably be just as humid, but at least it’s flat (and the 5K and 10K starts are at different times). After that I have the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon in October. Could it be a PR?? I’m not holding my breath. But next year?? It’s on.

Oh… and I also discovered that E still really likes medals.

Guess I need to keep running!

<3 <3 <3

How To Get Your Running Mojo Back

Oh hey there running. We’re totally in a relationship again.


This is actually a very real depiction of what I looked like at the gym on Monday.

It hasn’t been easy getting back to this place. It’s actually been a weird 6 months. I would see people running and feel wistful and nostalgic – and wish I was joining them. But when I actually went for a run it was horrible and I didn’t want to be there. It was as if I was going through puberty again. Running puberty.

But, the magic is back bitches!


Sure, it’s not all rainbows, puppies, and unicorns — but I feel like I’m back in my happy place, hanging out with my happy little endorphins — and we all know that endorphins are what it’s ALL about.

So, how did I get my mojo back? Here are a few simple steps that I followed.

1. Stop running and drink a lot of wine.


2. Gain 10 pounds.

Did you know you can gain weight when you stop exercising and drink a lot of wine?


3. Whine about not running, even though you dislike running.

Have you read my blog posts for the past 6 months? Then I don’t need to walk you through this step.

4. Repeat Step 3.

5. Attempt to regain mojo by running races.

Best Damn Race 2015


Nice dice, even though the races themselves were great.

6. Complain about not running to your friends and coworkers who are not able to run because they are injured.

I’m kind of an a-hole.

7. Sign up for a race.

8. Sign up to be a Race Ambassador.

9. Get your ass of bed and just run.

It sucked, but hey – something kind of… clicked.


I heard that everyone really loves this picture of my feet. Feet are awesome!

10. Be your super awkward self and join a new group.

So, I attempted to join the East Orlando Mom Runs This Town (MRTT) group a few months after E was born, but the timing wasn’t right. There weren’t any groups that met at a convenient time. Most met while I was at work or on Saturdays (when Dan had to work). So, I was dropped from the group and I didn’t really make an effort to rejoin. UNTIL I saw a group of women meeting outside my Y on Tuesday morning and THEN I saw an Instagram post about a speedwork run they had done. Then I stalked that poor Instagram friend and found people to run with — I’m still in the super awkward phase of getting to know people (Dear God, please let it pass quickly!), but I feel excited about running again.


I’m taking it slow though. And no marathons for a long time. Those things freaking kill me.

Hello mojo! I have missed you. Now let’s go find your cousin… speed.

Weekly Menu and Workouts

I almost skipped doing this post again this week, but then I remember how horrible I was at working out last week (not because I skipped this post, but because I was lazy) and I like to keep myself accountable. I’d like to say I’m going to squeeze in all of these workouts this week, but I’m pretty sure there will be excuses. Umm. There are always excuses.


  • Broiled Salmon, Brown Rice, and Roasted Broccoli/Cauliflower
  • Publix Chicken Tender Salad with Mangos and Pineapple
  • Boca Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries (<- I have a work happy hour, this is what Dan is making)
  • Lamb Meatballs and Greek Salad
  • Grilled Chicken and Veggies
  • Breakfast Burritos

I just realized that I did not really include any kind of Mexican meal (or drink) to accompany Cinco de Mayo. What kind of blogger am I? (Not a very good one, obviously)


  • Sunday – 2 x 800 + 40 Minutes Full Body Workout
  • Monday – Off
  • Tuesday – HIIT/Bootcamp
  • Wednesday – Run or Off
  • Thursday – Run or Off
  • Friday – 2-mile Treadmill Run/Full Body Workout
  • Saturday – Bootcamp

This week is extra busy because Dan has to either open or close (or both) every night of the week. Yay. So, I feel like any workouts I squeeze in will be good enough!

Since I started doing these posts again — I have not ran more than 2 miles (on the treadmill – my least favorite place to run, ironically). I did FINALLY get the urge tonight, so there might be a re-appearance this week. Or not. I’m not forcing it… I figure I’m going to get my mojo back at some point.  My mojo for rambling however, is on point and not going anywhere soon.

Back At It – Weekly Meals and Workouts

So, one half of me thinks these kinds of posts are kind of silly. I mean who cares what I eat and how much I’m working out? But at the same time, writing these kinds of posts keeps me organized and accountable. I’m weirdo, right? Yeah, don’t answer that.


  • Lamb meatballs with Greek  salad and pita bread
  • Fish tacos
  • Salmon with roasted broccoli & cauliflower
  • Steak salad
  • Cheese and spinach omelettes with tater tots
  • Chicken tender salad with fruit (strawberries/mangos/nectarines)


  • Sunday – 3 miles – treadmill, 30 minute kettlebell workout
  • Monday – Off
  • Tuesday – 45- minute bootcamp class (morning)
  • Wednesday – 5-mile run (easy) (morning)
  • Thursday – Off
  • Friday – 45-minute spin/cycle class (morning)
  • Saturday – 45- minute bootcamp class

We’ll see if I make it to these morning workouts! For the past two months I had been working out Friday after work (Dan works late, the kids love going to the gym, and there is typically nobody there!) but I just remember that B has a Friday night soccer game. Would it be bad to bring a flask?

Procrastination {Strength} Workouts

I’m trying to find my motivation to get back into running. I’m still working on my Best Damn Race recap, but the low motivation goes all the way there. I’ll spoil it by sharing that it wasn’t my best race. I did enjoy the finish and I was able to run the entire thing without stopping/walking – but I also haven’t felt the need to lace up my sneakers and “get revenge” like I have in the past. Running ruts suck.

I’ve have been really excited about some of the new workouts I’ve been testing out recently though – so there that — and I thought I would share. I admit, I’m kind of a wuss when I comes to trying out new things, especially if they are complex, so you’ll note that these workout are simple.

The first one is a Kettlebell workout. I love Kettlebells and I’ve been going to the gym on Friday after work specifically to use them (because like 4 people are there – opposed to 40 – and we only have one set of KBs). I wish my gym had a KB class. They are so fun and also kick your ass.


Some helpful videos:

The second workout is a one I do when I don’t have a lot of time, but I want to do something intense.



I’m proud to say that I am able to do 10 of those 20 pushups (each rep) as REAL pushups. I also finally taught (conditioned?) myself how to do a real burpee. For the longest time I was doing modified ones because I found it incredibly difficult to jump out (I would step out and then jump back in). I think it’s because my legs take up 75% of my body. So while I have been totally sucking on the running front, I have been getting stronger in other ways, I suppose.

Still, I miss wanting to and enjoying running. Please tell me it will come back some day…