This Post Is Full Of Excuses

I typically do my long runs on Sundays, but this weekend I’m full of excuses. I was READY to do 10-12 miles today. I went to bed at 10 (TEN!). My clothes were waiting, my gear was laid out, and my alarm was set. But then a little thing called Evan kept waking up and by the 4th wakeup  (which included a wardrobe change) at 5am (I was planning on getting up at 6), I decided to throw in the towel and sleep.

Sidenote: We definitely believe in tough love when it comes to sleep, and we have done plenty of crying it out (even last night). I think being sick, combined with with worst diaper rash on the planet (thanks antibiotics!), gearing up to walk (!!!) and kicking off another leap has him all out of sorts. In fact, I’m writing this right now as he refuses to nap despite being exhausted!

So yeah. I got up at 7:45 and by then it was already too hot to run. It’s been in the 90s here, because… Florida. All morning I contemplated running at night vs. running on the treadmill. Truthfully? I didn’t want to do either. So in the end, I decided to change up my running this week and NOT do a long run. I KNOW! I AM LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE. Instead, I’m going to see how I do running consecutive days. I usually only run 3 days a week. Not for any particular reason. So, I’m changing it up.

TodayI ran a “quick” 4-miler (8:10 pace) on the treadmill (that was like TORTURE) and squeezed in a 20 minute workout that surprisingly kicked my ass. I was running short on time, but I assure you that you don’t need a lot of time to have a workout make you insanely sweat, turn you into jelly, and exhaust you.


*I’m not a personal trainer, so I won’t tell you what weights to use but I use 12lbs and 15lbs*

So the rest of the week? The plan is to run 5 miles Monday, 7 miles Wednesday, 3 miles on Thursday, and 3 miles on Friday (with my bootcamp class on Saturday).

And if I write about it on the internet, it will happen.


How often do you run? Does if help you to run more or less during a week (aka – what am I missing out on here)?

Weekend Randoms

This weekend went by sooooo fast wish I had another day to relax or clean. Nesting has actually kicked in hardcore and once I get started, I think I’d actually like to clean these days (this is seriously one of the best things about pregnancy — I know these feelings are just temporary!).

Yesterday was pretty much my standard Saturday. While all my friends were off running the Winter Park Road Race (*sniff*) I was at the baseball fields…


and then I followed it up with 20 minutes on the treadmill and a full body circuit at the gym.


I don’t really remember what I did the rest of the afternoon, but it did involve a lot of scrubbing (I later regretted the scrubbing – I had mild contractions on and off all night).

After a fitful night of sleep, I got up today and cleaned more this morning (don’t worry, I did plenty of relaxing too). After spin, we headed over to Publix where we picked up this beauty…


Hello there Hello Kitty!

On the way home we hit possibly the worst storm I’ve seen in years.

Welcome to sunny Florida.

It completely blew by our area in about 20 minutes, but it was intense. There was a tornado warning (word on the street is that one did touch down in my area), crazy wind, and hail. I don’t know the last time I’ve been caught in a hail storm!

We made it home safe (and thankfully there were no dings on our car from the hail!) and after naps and showers (and putting Dan to work) it was party time!


It’s hard to believe, but this little lady is turning 4 on Tuesday!




We had a “small” gathering – a few friends and family stopped by for pizza, cake, and presents. (fyi – small = a minimum of 20 people).







I am now exhausted, but the birthday girl had fun and got some great gifts. Including this Unicorn DreamLite that she has been talking about FOR MONTHS. Girlfriend is easy to please.

Some not so fun things to note…

I now remember why I DREAD the last month (or so) of pregnancy. I don’t know if the baby has dropped or what, but for the past 3 nights I’ve had to get up at least 3-4 times a night to pee. And don’t get me started on the contractions!  Oh, I am so tired and crampy. I’m HOPING this is a growth spurt, because if not I am in for a rough 6-7 weeks!!

I am SOOOOO over these hiccups. They were cute once. Now they are just hella annoying.

I made zero progress on the baby’s room this weekend. Maybe next weekend??

Some fun things to note…

*I decided that I wanted to do family/maternity/newborn pictures and now I’m shopping around for a photographer. I’ve gotten some great recommendations on FB and I’m looking into contacting them, but I’m worried that I’ve waited to late!! I guess worse comes to worse I’ll have a friend come take pictures of my belly or we’ll just go to Picture People. Anyone in the Orlando area have any recommends they’d like to add?

*It’s Spring Break! In the past this hasn’t been a big deal, but this year B is doing a few sleepovers with the grandparents and going to a baseball game. For me this means getting to work at a normal hour and NO TRAFFIC. Yippy!!!

I started a Group Workout Board on Pinterest. I realized this weekend that I use Pinterest for almost all of my workout ideas these days! And since I KNOW I miss out on a lot of great blogs, I figured it would be fun to have people post their favorite workouts, whether it’s their workout or another bloggers.


If you’d like to join and post workouts – let me know and I’ll add you!

*I have a fun giveaway coming up tomorrow. Yes, a giveaway! I rarely do giveaways (I’d like to say I’m picky, the opportunity rarely arises), but this one involves the words Best, Body, and Bootcamp. So make sure you check back to enter!!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend — here’s to a great week!

Advice Needed: Get Off My Damn Hip

I was going to write a new Move Monday post last night, but instead my blog decided to go down (apparently I needed to update my server space) and I decided to whine about my pregnancy woes and paranoia. Aren’t you lucky??

I can tell the baby is definitely getting bigger. S/he is making it known that it’s running out of room as it drags its foot, knee, elbow, or who know what body part against my belly. It was cute 4 weeks ago. Now it’s just one big OUCH! My biggest complaint though is where the baby is currently sitting. Now, my back is still feeling good (usually I’m miserable at this point!), but you know what’s NOT feeling awesome? My right hip. My poor, poor hip.

I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant (wow!) and usually around this time the baby starts moving into place for it’s “final destination.” Now, I’m not rushing that trip. I’m perfectly OK waiting another 10 weeks for it to happen, but what I’m not super excited about it that the baby has decided to log its head into my right hip.  Basically the baby is laying like this:


You see how my belly is all weird and misshapen? If you can’t imagine where the baby is – it’s basically like this:




I found out the baby was laying in that position at my last ultrasound. It didn’t bother me then, but it’s amazing how much 2 weeks can make a difference because now there is an incredible amount of pressure on that side and it’s where I feel all of the baby’s hiccups. Do you know how weird it is to feel hiccups on your hip? (OK, not as weird as feeling them in your crotch, but still weird).

I’m fairly certain that neither B or L were in this position when I was pregnant with them – as least for a long period of time, so I’m not exactly sure WHAT to do about it. I’m going to ask my chiropractor on Wednesday if there’s anything he can suggest AND I’m going to book a prenatal massage with the hopes that they can coax this kid into the correct position.

I HAVE been having a lot less Braxton Hicks contractions this time around (and I haven’t had any issues with my sciatica) – so really I’m thinking I should shut my mouth. Although, I wonder if this oblique/hip position is why. While I can deal with the annoyance the pressure – my BIGGEST concern is that this baby will get too big and then he/she won’t be able to move. This is where the paranoia sets in.

I’m doing everything I can to try to get him or her to move: I sleep mostly on my left side (I’d rather sleep on my right), I’ve done weird stretches on my sides (that have made my husband look at me like I am a crazy person) , I do the cat stretch every night – rocking back and forth (as suggested), and I wear a support belt for as long as I can tolerate it (man alive that thing is annoying). But so far, no luck.

Has anyone else experienced this? And what the heck did you do about it? Should I just have faith that this kid is going to shift soon? TALK ME OFF THE LEDGE. What is so damn attractive about my right hip anyways???  Help!

PS – If you read this whole whiny post and looked at my belly you deserve a cookie… or  a shot of tequila on me. (Pssst, go for the tequila)

Workout Wednesday: Yes, More Spin/Cycle

Two things before I get into my newest spin workout…

1. I woke up today with a sore throat. Woomp woomp. I still made it to spin, but I skipped my run and the sore throat has been lingering all day. Stupid post nasal drop. Or allergies. Or a cold. Who knows. And really there’s no point to this, I just wanted to whine and I want it to go away.

2. Today my BABY brother turns 30.


THIRTY! This of course means I’ve been his big sister for 30 years. And that I am old. Insane.


I hope he had a wonderful birthday. I’m pretty sure he is still recovering from his wedding and honeymoon high!

As for the workout, it’s a big mix of everything this week. And I mean everything.

The playlist:

Spin Mix 6 Playlist

The workout:

Spin Mix 6
Remember: Push yourself, but also listen to your body. Now and always.

30 – Big deal or not? I thought it was going to be a big deal – but every year just keeps getting better!

Worth Smiling

I’m feeling a little overcommitted lately – not on a daily basis necessarily, but just thinking about the next 3 months. There is so much going on (and so much money flying out my pockets) it makes me dizzy. Believe me when I say this is the calm before the storm.  Today was a hard day for some reason. First up, it’s Tuesday, which is really the worst day of the week no matter what anyone else says. It was more difficult than usual to get out of bed for my run (it happened though). Getting ready took forever. Then, I completely flew off my handle about the dumbest thing on my way to work,which then resulted in a rant and being offensive. I really shouldn’t be allowed to talk to people after my drive to work for at least 30 minutes.


Then there’s potty training – which is bumming me out. Really, it’s just a reflection of things to come, right? If she’s this stubborn now at almost 3 – I am in some serious trouble! I’m really hoping she doesn’t turn into this…


Ok, so that might be a little dramatic. (please God, please!)

But, let’s focus on the positive. There have been a few thing making me smile.

Like this guy — who got a great report card last week and has been super sweet and helpful lately.


We implemented a “point system” with him about a week ago and it’s really working! He makes his bed, he dresses himself would prodding, he helps with his sister. I love this age.

This innocence.


It’s definitely not going to last forever.

This relationship.


Although L has been been nicer to me lately (and at times even REQUESTS me) – but she’s still a daddy’s girl.

This RANDOM picture.


My Kindergarten class.

I went to elementary school in Massachusetts and I’m only Facebook friends with exactly ONE (1) person that I went to school with (sad, right?). I logged on at the right time tonight and happened to notice her comment on this picture. It blew my mind. Like woah. I mean, this picture was taken 28 years ago. Yes 28. And I can still recognize people who I haven’t seen since I was 11 (for the record,  I have NO idea who the tuxedo lady is). Social media is pretty amazing.

And suddenly, I feel better.

What is making you smile today?