More Workouts – Full Body, Arms, Legs, and HIIT

Although I’m back to running – I’m still trying to be diligent about squeezing in some strength/weight workouts a few times a week. Nothing gives me that high like running, but I have to admit, my body looks better with some muscle.

Below are a few of my recent workouts. The moves are pretty basic, but I try to switch it up so it’s not boring/always the same. I’m also afraid of the “big equipment” at the gym (including the TRX stuff and the squat rack). Maybe if I knew how to use them properly, I’d feel more comfortable? What a lame excuse, right?

These all take less than an hour — more if you up the number of sets.

50-Second HIIT

Leg Workout


Arm Super Sets

Do you have a favorite (relatively simple) workout you wanna share? I’m always looking to switch things up.

This Post Is Full Of Excuses

I typically do my long runs on Sundays, but this weekend I’m full of excuses. I was READY to do 10-12 miles today. I went to bed at 10 (TEN!). My clothes were waiting, my gear was laid out, and my alarm was set. But then a little thing called Evan kept waking up and by the 4th wakeup  (which included a wardrobe change) at 5am (I was planning on getting up at 6), I decided to throw in the towel and sleep.

Sidenote: We definitely believe in tough love when it comes to sleep, and we have done plenty of crying it out (even last night). I think being sick, combined with with worst diaper rash on the planet (thanks antibiotics!), gearing up to walk (!!!) and kicking off another leap has him all out of sorts. In fact, I’m writing this right now as he refuses to nap despite being exhausted!

So yeah. I got up at 7:45 and by then it was already too hot to run. It’s been in the 90s here, because… Florida. All morning I contemplated running at night vs. running on the treadmill. Truthfully? I didn’t want to do either. So in the end, I decided to change up my running this week and NOT do a long run. I KNOW! I AM LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE. Instead, I’m going to see how I do running consecutive days. I usually only run 3 days a week. Not for any particular reason. So, I’m changing it up.

TodayI ran a “quick” 4-miler (8:10 pace) on the treadmill (that was like TORTURE) and squeezed in a 20 minute workout that surprisingly kicked my ass. I was running short on time, but I assure you that you don’t need a lot of time to have a workout make you insanely sweat, turn you into jelly, and exhaust you.


*I’m not a personal trainer, so I won’t tell you what weights to use but I use 12lbs and 15lbs*

So the rest of the week? The plan is to run 5 miles Monday, 7 miles Wednesday, 3 miles on Thursday, and 3 miles on Friday (with my bootcamp class on Saturday).

And if I write about it on the internet, it will happen.


How often do you run? Does if help you to run more or less during a week (aka – what am I missing out on here)?

Things I Keep Meaning To Tell You

I am really trying to slow things down, but right now life just feels like it’s on hyperdrive. Somebody press pause! So… this is just some of the stuff that’s been going on with me…

I made an impromptu trip to Massachusetts last week. 

Unfortunately, it was for an incredibly sad reason… My great aunt Connie (also my Godmother), passed away.

You were with me from the very beginning and will always be in my heart. RIP Aunt Connie. You were one of a kind. ❤️ #tbt

Isn’t this picture the best? Yes, I still make that face AND have the double chins.

She was one of the most amazing and determined women I’ve ever known, and I can only hope that her spirit continues on through me and my kids – especially my daughter. She didn’t have children, but she was a L&D nurse and helped deliver hundreds of babies including my dad, my brothers, my cousins, and – yes- me. I know she was with me in spirit when I delivered all of my babies – especially last  May when my labor/delivery went an unexpected direction (I guess you could say she was my honorary doula). I’m glad she got to meet each of my kids…




My trip was very, very short – about 36 hours and I brought this little man with me.

Serious face. Must be sad about leaving his Boston family.

I figured he would provide a few smiles (he did) and I know my aunt would have appreciated that he was there. He was a great little traveler.

It’s never easy saying “goodbye” to a loved one, but I will carry her memories with me, always.

I picked a charity!


I will be running the Chicago Marathon for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in October! I have some big plans for some fundraisers – I hope I just have enough time to make it all happen. More details to come. As well as some begging (but for a really GREAT cause!).

I picked a 2nd marathon!


I was originally thinking I wanted run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon – but it’s the weekend after Christmas and that timing is JUST not going to work.

So, I went with Space Coast! It’s November 30th – the weekend after Thanksgiving – and 6 weeks after Chicago. I was hesitant to go with Space Coast, because it’s still pretty warm in Florida (of course, it’s February and last week it was in the 90s), but the medal and the timing won me over. I’m hoping that my extended family will also come and cheer me on (HINT HINT) since it’s so close. There’s nothing better than having cheerleaders at a race.

I cut my hair — and tried Keratin for the first time.

New year, new hair!

I know, I know – Keratin is full of chemicals… but it is AMAZING.

I have never been able to just wash, blow dry, and style my hair in 10 minutes — and now I can. I think my coworkers are shocked because they have NEVER seen me wear my hair down this often.

I also LOVE my cut. I went with a “Lob” (long bob – I had to ask) and it’s perfect. It still feels long in front, but it’s not incredibly annoying. I went in not knowing what I wanted — short, long, ACK! and thankfully my stylist knew exactly what to do. She is amazing.

I’m an aunt!


My youngest brother is a daddy – and I couldn’t be happier for him! It’s funny to think that of all of the roles I’ve taken on him life – sister, cousin, wife, mom… the one that has eluded me the longest is aunt! The little (big) guy arrived last week and I am finally going to meet him this week. Related: My kids have a cousin!! They are getting another one in April – I can’t wait :)

I am trying really, really hard to still include strength training in my weekly workouts.

In fact, I have a new at home workout for you….

All you need is 25 minutes...

It took me 25 minutes and made me sore. I even included burpees which I REALLY, REALLY hate. So, you should try it too.

Life is crazy and full and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

In the next few weeks I have two races, two baby showers (one that I am throwing), and a wedding. There’s also family visiting, a night in with friends, the start of baseball season, and L’s birthday party that I have not yet schedule or planned. Does it count that I’m thinking about it?

Thankfully, there’s wine. Lots of it.

2 hours of baseball practice with all the kids, by myself = a giant glass of wine.

What are you looking forward to in the next month?

New Workouts and Cute Pictures

So, a few people asked me how I fit in workouts in during the week and truthfully… I don’t.

I DO squeeze in 3-4 workouts — but it’s typically Thursday night (after which I can reward myself with a frosty beer) thru Sunday (when I’m off work).  I’ll start with a 2-3 mile run on Thursday night and then mix it up Friday through Sunday. I try to do a long run every other week. I probably should do a long run EVERY week, but I kind of like the break it gives my body. Someday I will ACTUALLY train for a half marathon again. Instead of just running a random 12-15 miles a week.

In the meantime…. these are some of the workouts I’ve been doing lately. I typically write them up on my phone before I head to the gym. This is so I get there and actually work out. It’s amazing how much it helps! I made them pretty for you for though.



Arms and Shoulders


They make me hurt, make me feel strong, and kick my ass. And really that’s what I’m looking for these days.

Things will have to change come November (or sooner) when I will be returning to a 40 hour work week (right now I’m only working 32 hours — taking Friday off for mental sanity and Evan snuggling). I am unsure if this means I’ll try to work out more during the week and then on Saturday/Sundays like normal, or if it means I work out less. I’m guessing it will mean less workouts at first or maybe just more “quick” at home workouts. I would love to get up early and workout again but it’s not happening quite yet.

I am full of excuses. Mostly, I’m just a combination of tired and lazy. Lazy because I don’t want to get up an hour early to pump and worry about waking up E. We’re about to start sleep training with him, so maybe in a month or so it will be slightly easier.


This is why I need to sleep train. Zzzzzz. And yes, I took a selfie of myself fake sleeping. I have no shame. Or I’m just delirious.

Speaking of E – I completely forgot to do a 4-month update on him…. so I’m hoping to getting around to doing a 5-month update later this week (HOW IS POSSIBLE THAT HE’S ABOUT TO TURN 5 MONTHS??). If I don’t though, here’s an update – he’s still cute and cuddly and happy.  We’re slowly starting him on solids and *no shocker here* he pretty much loves food. I’m trying to wean him off the swaddle/Rock n Play Sleeper (unsuccessfully, so far). And we’re so, so grateful that he’s around to make each day a little brighter.


Ready for work!



How many posts can I talk about how sweet E is?? How many pictures can I upload?? (don’t answer that)

What’s your go-to workout? What’s making YOUR day a little brighter? Sleep training — have you done it and have you been successful?

Crunchless Abs Workout

Oooh, exciting (or maybe not if this stuff bores you!) — I’m back to posting workouts!! Or at least A workout. Let’s not get carried away here.

While I’m not cleared to run yet, I CAN do some exercising to restore my body. It was actually recommended to me during discharge to start doing pelvic tilts (and kegels – which really DO help).

I don’t do these religiously, but every few days I’ll lay day and tilt it out.

Another workout that’s highly recommend to me are planks.

You remember my stellar plank tutorial, right?


Kinda miss that belly. Kinda.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last week or so. I am actually very surprised at how fast my muscles bounce back. I started with a few 30 second planks – and now I’m up to a minute and 30 seconds! There is still a lot of work to be done though. Here’s me at 4 weeks postpartum (how has it already been a month??):



That linea nigra is so attractive, right? It will be there for at least another 4-5 months.

The key to getting my core back into shape is focusing on CRUNCHLESS core work. Crunches can actually jack your abs up when you are in postpartum recovery. Most women have a touch of diastasis recti after having a baby (basically when your abs separate to make room for the baby – and they don’t move back into position) and doing crunches can actually make that situation WORSE. Instead, it’s key to do exercises that pull your abs IN towards your spine. It also helps your back muscles and gives you better posture (which I know I can definitely use!), so even if you aren’t recovering from popping a baby out they are great exercises to strengthen your core.

I know that once I start running my abs will also get whipped into shape (it’s amazing how much you use your core to run), but starting this week here are a few more exercises that I am going to start adding into my daily routine (if you want to call it that).

*Core Contractions/Lower Back Flatten*

*Flutter Kicks*

*Lying Leg Lifts*


*Wide Squat Punches*

So my “workout” ends up looking something like this…



*You can repeat this workout 2-4 times to make it a more challenging workout. Right now, once is challenging for me!*

I’m varying it depending on how I feel and how easily my muscles tire. I haven’t used most of these muscles in MONTHS, so it’s really important I don’t rush into ANYTHING. Yes, even a simple ab workout. It’s also important for me to remember that it took 9 months for my belly to look like a beast, so it’s going to take some time for it get back to “normal.” Plus, it was worth it because look how cute this chunker is?



Yes, I had to squeeze some Evan pictures in somehow.

What’s your favorite core exercise??

PS – Countdown to my first run back? 16 days (Nope, I’m not excited/terrified AT ALL!)