Life Lately

I feel like I’ve taken a blog sabbatical because I don’t have time to write most days. Then on the days I do have time, I sit down and think “where do I start?” It probably goes without saying that life has been busy. Three kids, a job, a running problem, and who knows what else…


Yes, it’s true I’ve been practicing my popping and locking skillz.

So what’s going on with me? Would it be weird if I said nothing? I guess that would be a lie, because I’m not sitting around every day staring out into space. Or am I?

Life lately…

I’m running about 20 miles a week – and planning to hike it up to 24 miles a week starting May. I still need to decide what to do about marathon training. Hire a coach? Bribe people to run with me? I’m still undecided. Can someone just decide FOR me? It would be easier if Dan didn’t have to work on Saturdays, but as of now he does and I can only do my long runs on Sundays. At least the views have been pretty…

The run was not pretty, but the view was. #summeriscoming #sohumid

I’m ALMOST done with pumping. Woo-hoo! It’s oddly bittersweet, but exciting all at the same time. I seriously cannot wait to WEAR WHATEVER I WANT TO WORK AGAIN!

Evan decided to freak me out this weekend by spiking a 103.7 degree fever and getting diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. Ironically, he stopped coughing about 2 days before all of this happened. All of this has prompted me to ask — Why don’t they make you take medical exams before you have children??


I got to meet the very lovely Anouk and her adorable family last week while they were visiting Disney (from Luxembourg!).

Not only did I get to meet @captainookie and her amazing family tonight, but I got to take a selfie with her.

Our kids had so much fun together and proved that dancing (at a bowling alley!) is in fact the universal language.


I’m not sleeping enough. I tried out the Sleep Cycle app for a few weeks and it really didn’t do anything for me except prove that I go to bed too late, wake up too often, and average about 6 hours of sleep a night — with 60% sleep quality.  I’ll sleep again someday, right?


I made the mistake of not going to the dentist for like 4 (maybe 5?) years. Yeah, that turned into 2 deep cleanings (aka – where they scrape the crap out of your teeth), a filling that needed to be fixed, and a crown. Lesson learned.


I’m starting to plan E’s first birthday. WAAAAH. I don’t WANNA! I am excited to see him eat cake, but this year just flew by waaaaay too fast. Oh, and the day after E’s first birthday is Kindergarten registration for L. I need to stock up on tissues.

Flashing that charm. He knows how to work it.

I’ve been reading… I’m not going to say A LOT of books, but there are a few I feel I need to review: The Interestings, Park and Eleanor, Red Rising, and The Light Between Oceans.  Hopefully I’ll get around to that post soon :)

Yesterday marked 17 years of Dan and me. Sometimes I forget how long we’ve been together and how young (18) were when we started dating. Crazy. This is the first picture I have of us – on my 19th birthday.

04-03-2007 08;43;21PM

And finally, these kids… I love ‘em.

Happy Easter! Christos Anesti!

So, maybe I’ll get back into the blogging/writing groove. I miss being able to complain online to my imaginary internet (and sometimes real-life) friends.

Admit it, you’ve missed my (mostly) pointless posts? Or maybe not.

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