How To Get Your Running Mojo Back

Oh hey there running. We’re totally in a relationship again.


This is actually a very real depiction of what I looked like at the gym on Monday.

It hasn’t been easy getting back to this place. It’s actually been a weird 6 months. I would see people running and feel wistful and nostalgic – and wish I was joining them. But when I actually went for a run it was horrible and I didn’t want to be there. It was as if I was going through puberty again. Running puberty.

But, the magic is back bitches!


Sure, it’s not all rainbows, puppies, and unicorns — but I feel like I’m back in my happy place, hanging out with my happy little endorphins — and we all know that endorphins are what it’s ALL about.

So, how did I get my mojo back? Here are a few simple steps that I followed.

1. Stop running and drink a lot of wine.


2. Gain 10 pounds.

Did you know you can gain weight when you stop exercising and drink a lot of wine?


3. Whine about not running, even though you dislike running.

Have you read my blog posts for the past 6 months? Then I don’t need to walk you through this step.

4. Repeat Step 3.

5. Attempt to regain mojo by running races.

Best Damn Race 2015


Nice dice, even though the races themselves were great.

6. Complain about not running to your friends and coworkers who are not able to run because they are injured.

I’m kind of an a-hole.

7. Sign up for a race.

8. Sign up to be a Race Ambassador.

9. Get your ass of bed and just run.

It sucked, but hey – something kind of… clicked.


I heard that everyone really loves this picture of my feet. Feet are awesome!

10. Be your super awkward self and join a new group.

So, I attempted to join the East Orlando Mom Runs This Town (MRTT) group a few months after E was born, but the timing wasn’t right. There weren’t any groups that met at a convenient time. Most met while I was at work or on Saturdays (when Dan had to work). So, I was dropped from the group and I didn’t really make an effort to rejoin. UNTIL I saw a group of women meeting outside my Y on Tuesday morning and THEN I saw an Instagram post about a speedwork run they had done. Then I stalked that poor Instagram friend and found people to run with — I’m still in the super awkward phase of getting to know people (Dear God, please let it pass quickly!), but I feel excited about running again.


I’m taking it slow though. And no marathons for a long time. Those things freaking kill me.

Hello mojo! I have missed you. Now let’s go find your cousin… speed.


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