Half Marathon “Training” Plan and Hip Update

I’ve been averaging about 18-24 miles a week for the past month or so — but I unofficially kicked off half marathon “training” (for the Lighthouse Loop Half I am doing October 25th) last Sunday with a 10-miler. What you don’t run 10 miles when you kick things off?


I put training in quotes because I have a hard time training for halfs. That sounds so ridiculous, but in the past half-marathon training has consisted of me running a lot and then making sure I get at least one 12-miler in before the race. Or in the case of the Tomoka Half in March, don’t do any long distance running for an entire month and then feel disappointed when it sucks.

This time might be a little different, thanks to my running crew. Not only have I been regularly running, but I have regularly been doing speed work, tempo runs, and “hills.” I see small improvements when it comes to speed and the hills feel easier every time I run them. It’s amazing how that works, huh? I guess the experts ARE RIGHT.

My biggest challenge is getting my butt of bed during the weekend to do a long run. I remember when I hated running with other people and now here I am worrying that I would have a hard time finding a new running buddy now that Tyler moved far, far away. I’m happy to say that I have found people equally as crazy as me – if not crazier. So the long run continues!


As I said, I kicked off with 10 miles. Chances are my mileage will slowly go up — and I might even run a few higher mileage long runs with my friends running marathons (no more than 16 though — that’s kind of my cut off– until I write that post “The time I ran 20 miles when I wasn’t even training for anything”). It’s too hot right now to really focus on goals for this half marathon, but I would really like to get back into running sub-2:00. I feel like if I keep pushing myself (and stick to a quasi-plan) throughout the disgustingly humid Florida summer, I will do well. Maybe. Kinda. Don’t quote me on it. Here’s my current plan. I expect it to change, so this is really the rough draft. Note that the next two weekends won’t include long runs, so the REAL training doesn’t start until the week of the 23rd — so I have 11 weeks to find my speed! LighthouseLoopPlan World’s  smallest font. You’re welcome. As for my hip… It feels better than ever! I’ve been diligent about doing my exercises and my Dr. has been killing my hips and hip flexors (in a good way). I’ve actually been in NO pain since my 10-miler on Sunday – and I even ran 6 miles of hills today.


In case you ever questioned me when I say I am 5’10 — here is your proof.

I also switched to running in Hoka’s, so they might also be contributing to the improvement in my hip. The verdict is still out on them, but one thing is for SURE — they are like fluffy clouds to my feet, even if they are completely fug.


Yes, my sock is on inside out.

So far, I’ve decided to alternate running in them and my Mizuno Wave Riders. I don’t think I can sprint in these beasts, but they are good for hills and longer runs. I actually wish I had tried these last year for marathon training – but I’m dumb.

And that’s pretty much what’s going on here… anything think I’ll actually stick to my plan??


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