Next Stop… Bad Idea Marathon

I know, I’m just as shocked as you… I’m posting AND in a few days, I’m running a marathon. Again.


I just want to put it out there that I’ve coined this race the Bad Idea Marathon. It was a fantastic idea about 8 months ago – when my running mojo was going strong and I was high on PRs and sub-9 minute miles.


Those were the glory days.

A lot can happen in 8 months.

I knew this marathon was going to be tough to mentally get into when I thought at mile 22 of the Chicago Marathon (aka the Good Idea Marathon) – WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR SPACE COAST?

Seriously though. WHY?

These past 7 weeks have been fraught with burn out, negativity, and unfortunately… injury. I’ve self diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis thanks to running in shoes that were slightly too big. My left heel is very tender after a shorter run — and about three weeks ago I had to stop at mile 16 (of 17 — my longest run since Chicago) because it just hurt too much to continue. I’ve been stretching, icing, rolling, and stretching again — AND I haven’t been running (instead I’ve been spinning and boot camping) — and it’s still sore.  The only thing I haven’t really tried is taping, which I plan to do — as soon as I find my tape (for realz – where did I put it??). The irony is that I felt REALLY GREAT on that run. Of course.

So given all information, am I still doing Space Coast? Yes, because that’s what runners do. I will line up at the start one race day and give it my all. I will run as far as I can and push off any pain (that hopefully I won’t have) for as long as possible. Hopefully, until I cross the finish line.

I just want to put it out there that as nice, welcoming, and fun as runners are… we are also stupid and stubborn. I mean really, REALLY stubborn. So, it should come as no surprise to you when I say I am still running this thing.


What’s my goal? To finish. Deep down it’s to finish faster than my first full (4:33), but that’s pre-injury Michelle talking. I don’t expect to PR. I didn’t even sign up to PR. Why did I sign up? I WISH SOMEBODY WOULD TELL ME!

(OK, so the medal is pretty cool)

Space Coast Medal

That’s the Challenger

(Plus, Tyler is running his first marathon that Paula and I convinced he should run with us)


Back in the day, when I was fast(er) and made poor decisions thanks to endorphins.

So, after I stuff my face and give thanks for everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) I have — I’m going to do some additional carb loading and I’m going to run this bad decision marathon. And I’m going to learn from it. Or realize I’m a bigger idiot than I ever imagined.


At this point, I think a (talking) tree might make better decisions.

Either way, I guess I’m learning. And torturing myself.

*Deep sigh*


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